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I always love the new year.  A new year means new possibilities.  It is a fresh start.  The old has gone the new has come.  We take the opportunity to make some changes in our lives for the better.  We put behind us old habits, old ways, and old hurts.  We strive to make better lives and a better world.

As you think about the coming year and what you want for this new year, there is nothing higher you might strive for than to walk more closely in Jesus steps. That is why regular time in God’s Word in your daily devotion is so important.  To compliment our daily devotion time is that time in Bible studies and small groups with brothers and sisters in Christ.  It is in these settings more than any other we learn to walk with Jesus and to become the people of God that he has called us to be.

Maybe Bible study has not been a regular habit for you.  All that can change this year.  I want to encourage you to browse through this catalog and find the group that is just right for you to make that new beginning following Jesus.  I promise you will not regret it.

In Jesus,

Pastor Phil