Transformational Church Survey

Survey Link.jpgDear Members of Lord of Life,

I have some very exciting news. Lord of Life was recently chosen to be a part of a new consulting project by LifeWay Research ( This is a great opportunity for our church that comes at no cost.

But we need your help to get the most benefit from it. We need for everyone who is part of the Lord of Life family to complete a 10 minute survey. The survey is designed to measure our effectiveness as a church at being transformational in the lives of people.

When everyone has completed the survey, we will be provided an assessment of our effectiveness as a church. Our leadership will then receive a free live consultation, based on the results, on how we can better fulfill the mission to which God has called us to.

To complete your survey, please visit at your earliest convenience. On the first page of the survey, you will need to enter the following information:

Church ID: 51215
Church Name: Lord of Life
Church City: LaFox
State: IL

Two things I would advise you on:

1) Do it sooner rather than later. In fact, if you are able, do it right now. The longer you put it off, the easier it will be to forget about it. And I cannot emphasize enough how important your participation is for us to get the most benefit from this.

2) Be honest in your answers. It is easy to answer what we want to be true rather than what is actually true. The more honest we respond in the survey the more useful this assessment will be and beneficial to the church.

I want to thank you in advance for your participation in this survey and for your partnership in the kingdom. Thank you for being a part of the Lord of Life family.

In Jesus,
Pastor Phil