The Church of God Responds


Our friendly volunteers are ready to receive your Relief Supply Donations.

Great news! We heard from Pastor Ernst Mesidor in Haiti on Monday. He is alive and safe along with all 20 children from his orphanage. We praise the Lord. We have since been in contact several times and are working to assist him in evacuating the city of Port-au-Prince.

On another front, we are one day into our Haiti Earthquake relief collection. A few supplies have trickled in on the first day, but we are praying for much, much more to come in. We know that it was broadcast by WBBM in Chicago today. Several businesses in the community are helping us out. We also know that Geneva Middle School is doing a collection. This is truly a community effort. It is not just a Lord of Life thing.

We can certainly use a few volunteers to help receive the supplies that are coming in. If you would like to volunteer, just fill out our volunteer request form that can be found on our website.

Another way we could use your help is to get the word out. Let you employer know. Let your school know. Let your neighbors know. Let your family know. Help us distribute fliers throughout the community. A few of you have shared how you walked your community distributing the fliers. You can print out the fliers on our website. Or you can come by to pick some up at the church office. One Lord of Life member made up his own flier to take to neighbors and asked them to bring the supplies to his business. He will then bring all the supplies they collect to the church.

I am so proud of all of you and the effort you are putting forth to the light of Jesus to others. Thank you for all you do. Please join me to pray that God will use this effort and multiply this effort to bring hope into hopelessness.