Firm Conviction

Being lukewarm isn’t in the DNA of the Church

Fuel Power

The Holy Spirit fuels Jesus’ witnesses to declare the wonders of God

What happened after the resurrection?

The resurrection catapulted believers to go into all the world to spread the word about Jesus, the Risen Lord! What can we learn from the early Church today? God will challenge us to answer these questions: Why does the church exist?; Who are we?; Where are we going? Join us this summer for a sermon […]

It Still Works

This message comes from one of Lord of Life’s faithful elders, John Olson. In it he tells how Philip was led by the Lord in Acts 8:26-39 to explain the good news about Jesus to another traveler along the road. And it still works today! Listen as John shares some stories from his own experiences […]

Dare 2 Share

Brian Zielke, Lord of Life’s Director of Christian Education, shares today’s message which challenges us to “Dare to Share.” It is Transfiguration Sunday. On this day we remember how Jesus took his disciples to the Mount of Transfiguration where he gloriously appeared before them in all his splendor. The Apostle John recounts that experience in […]