Living a Life of Self Control

  As we head into the holiday season, we often get bombarded by the world’s messages of indulgence seducing us to buy in, but God offers us something much better. He wants to produce in us the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), which includes self-control. Listen to the sermon from Sunday, November 5 about […]

Come Holy Spirit

One of the oldest prayers of the church contains only three words: “Come, Holy Spirit.” Here is the ultimate irony: Because the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to see spiritual truth, we need the Holy Spirit to understand the Holy Spirit! So we pray “Come, Holy Spirit & help us to know you better. Amen.” […]

He Dwells with Us

GOD’s plan, from the very beginning, was to dwell with His people. Listen as we unwrap his plan to be with us from Genesis through Revelation. To subscribe on iTunes to all our Sunday morning messages, visit

God Empowers His Church (Revelation 11-12)

Todays reading is one of the most difficult readings to understand of all the readings we have covered in this message series.  We take some interpretive cues from the Old Testament and discover that the message here is about how God empowers his Church to be his witnesses.  We live in difficult times.  People are […]