Heaven Sermon Series and Bible Study! Every wondered about heaven? Or what happens after you die? What will happen when Jesus comes back? Join Pastor Matt for a 3-week sermon series during worship on Sun, Sep 14, 21 and 28 to answer these questions and more. Also, there will be a 3-week Heaven Bible class […]

God’s Heart for the Lost

This Sun, May 22, we’ll examine carefully God’s heart for the lost. Pentecost, the sending of the Holy Spirit, is an event that clearly demonstrates God’s heart for the lost as he wants “every nation under heaven” to hear the gospel and be saved. God started the church to also share his heart for the […]

Paint and Preach Series Lent 2016

Starting Sun, Feb 14, Pastor Matt will preach a series called Paint and Preach. Over the course of the six weeks of Lent, he’ll paint and preach on a large canvas adding more each week until it is completed on Easter (March 27). Be sure to join us at 8:30am or 10am on Sundays and grow […]

Applying Jesus’ Parables to Today

Jesus loved to teach about Christian living using timeless short stories (parables) to bring home big points! Starting Sunday, September 13, we’ll begin a new sermon series called “Applying Jesus’ Parables to Today.” You’ve heard most of these stories before, but what do you they mean for your life today? Together we’ll uncover “mysteries” about […]

Old to New: Applying the Old Testament to Today

              The Old Testament may be old but it is extremely relevant for today! In this sermon series, we’re learning from several familiar Old Testament events and people, especially how they point us to Jesus. What does Noah’s flood have to do with today? What can we learn from Job […]