Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent—a forty-day season before Easter to repent of our sins and prepare our hearts for Christ’s death and resurrection. For centuries, Christians have used ashes as a symbol of our mortality and our need for a Savior.

The Roots of Personal Reformation

When we admit the worst about ourselves to God, we receive the best of His mercy. Jesus teaches us that to repent before God is to be forgiven and accepted into His Kingdom, and into His family of faith. False efforts to build up our own self-esteem apart from Him leave us stuck where we […]

The Parable of the Wicked Tenants

Our Scripture reading for today is the Parable of the Wicked Tenants that is found in Luke 20:9-20.  In this story Jesus illustrates the relationship we have with God the Father.  We are simply stewards of what he has given us.  He deserves his share of the fruit that is produced in our lives.  But […]

The Prodigal Son

One of the most famous stories told by Jesus is the parable of the Prodigal Son.  This story is found in Luke 15:11-32.  In this story there are two sons.  Each of these sons had a broken relationship with their father.  In each situation the father responds with love and patience.  The story is a […]

Epiphanies of the Heart

January 6 is recognized as Epiphany.  On this day we remember the visit of the Wise Men (Magi) to the the baby Jesus as they offered their gifts of gold,  frankincense, and myrrh.  One of the most recognizables symbols of Epiphany was the star.  It was through the star that God revealed the birth of […]