The Legend of the Circle Maker

The Circle Maker message series is all about circling the promises of God and claiming them through the gift of prayer.  This is not name it, claim it theology.  This is about allowing the desires of our heart to be shaped by the Holy Spirit.   In today’s message we will hear how the legend […]

Our Response to Evil

Our hearts broke this week as we heard about the terrible news in Newtown, CT.  If there was ever a face of evil, this is it.  It is dark and horrific.  How should we respond?  What should we do?  How do we stand in the face of such evil?  In this message, Pastor Phil share […]

How God Answers Prayer

In Psalm 143:6 it says, “I lift my hands to you in prayer . . .” It is a picture that is very different of the one many think about when they think about prayer. Most people think about the posture of prayer being one of head bowed down and hands folded. This is an […]