Praying with Impudence

In Luke 11:1-13, Jesus gives us the Lord’s Prayer, His own prayer, His own words to pray.  We pray it with Jesus.  He prays it with us.  We pray side by side with the Son of God and Lord of the universe.  Through this prayer we learn how to pray.  We learn to pray to […]

Are you hearing God?

What does God’s voice sound like? Listen as Gene Walker, one of Lord of Life’s elders, shares a message from Luke 10:38-42. To subscribe on iTunes to all our Sunday morning messages, visit

Circle Maker Think Long

Today, we conclude the Circle Maker Message Series. This message is about thinking long. When we think about prayer we often think about the present and the urgent. In this message Pastor Phil encourages us to look back at some of the ancient practices of prayer. He shares some postures of prayer that make a […]

Circle Maker Pray Hard

In this third part of the Circle Maker message series we consider the story of the persistent widow in Luke 18:1-7.  Jesus tells us we should never give up praying.  In a world that we expect immediate gratification, we find it difficult when it seems our prayers are not answered right away.  But the stories […]

The Circle Maker: Dream Big

We serve and amazing God who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.  With this in mind, we need to be careful of what we ask for because we just might get it.  This was the case in Numbers 11. The Isrealites were grumbling in the desert how they missed […]