Making Jesus Marvel

What’s it like to make Jesus marvel?  Well, it’s to have faith in Him in the worst and hardest times, no matter what might get thrown at us. Listen to Pastor David’s message from Luke 7:1-10.  In this event with Jesus, a Gentile centurion exhibits such faith in the power of Jesus and His authority […]

He Dwells with Us

GOD’s plan, from the very beginning, was to dwell with His people. Listen as we unwrap his plan to be with us from Genesis through Revelation. To subscribe on iTunes to all our Sunday morning messages, visit

The Letter to the Church at Sardis (Revelation 3:1-6)

Jesus describes the Church at Sardis as a Church that had a reputation of being alive, but in reality was dead.  This church had little opposition, persecution, heresy, or poverty.  They had little excuse for not having a healthy, thriving, and vibrant mission.  Jesus has nothing good to say about this church.   Maybe your […]