The Holy Who?

The Holy Spirit has been called the “Forgotten God” and the “third wheel” of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit is God and is alive and active in our generation. And yet why don’t we hear about Him more often? Has the Holy Spirit been neglected or maybe even avoided? Are we uncomfortable with the mystery […]

Fuel Power

The Holy Spirit fuels Jesus’ witnesses to declare the wonders of God

What happened after the resurrection?

The resurrection catapulted believers to go into all the world to spread the word about Jesus, the Risen Lord! What can we learn from the early Church today? God will challenge us to answer these questions: Why does the church exist?; Who are we?; Where are we going? Join us this summer for a sermon […]

Come Holy Spirit

One of the oldest prayers of the church contains only three words: “Come, Holy Spirit.” Here is the ultimate irony: Because the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to see spiritual truth, we need the Holy Spirit to understand the Holy Spirit! So we pray “Come, Holy Spirit & help us to know you better. Amen.” […]

The Great “Oh!”

There is so much that we don’t get about the nature of God.  He seems so far off sometimes.  Sometimes we wonder if He is really there. Listen to Pastor David’s message (based on John 8:48-59) about how God reveals Himself as the Holy Trinity.  This is the Sunday that the church remembers Him as One […]