“God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7. During this two-week series we’ll talk about being cheerful generous Christians. We’ll look closely at the heart of the giver and the gift of the giver. Join us as we all strive to respond to God’s generosity toward us in sending his Son Jesus Christ.  

God & Government

This Sun, Nov 6 we’ll talk about God’s two realms: the Government and the Church. God has established both, the government and the church, for our good. So what does Scripture teach us about living as Christians in both realms? Come find out. All Saints Day was Tue, Nov 1. We’ll also remember the saints […]

Struggling in the Faith

In this four-week sermons series we’ll talk practically about what to do when you’re struggling in the faith. Ever been confused about God’s will? Ever been disappointed with God or the Church? Ever wondered what difference prayer makes? Come join us at 8:30 or 10am on Sundays in October to get practical answers to these […]