A Glimpse at the Heart of God

How is your relationship with your father? Jesus told a story of two sons who have very different relationships with their father. In the end both needed to be restored. Listen as Pastor Keith Haney shares a message from Luke 15:11-32. To subscribe on iTunes to all our Sunday morning messages, visit lolchurch.net/itunes.

Praying with Impudence

In Luke 11:1-13, Jesus gives us the Lord’s Prayer, His own prayer, His own words to pray.  We pray it with Jesus.  He prays it with us.  We pray side by side with the Son of God and Lord of the universe.  Through this prayer we learn how to pray.  We learn to pray to […]

The Great “Oh!”

There is so much that we don’t get about the nature of God.  He seems so far off sometimes.  Sometimes we wonder if He is really there. Listen to Pastor David’s message (based on John 8:48-59) about how God reveals Himself as the Holy Trinity.  This is the Sunday that the church remembers Him as One […]