Having a Little Faith

Many times in life we get frustrated. We don’t understand why things can’t go better, more smoothly, why so many problems. These frustrations are nothing new.  In this Scripture (Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4), we hear Habakkuk complain against the Lord for all the injustices that he sees before him. It’s easy to lose hope.  But our […]

A Matter of Attitude

In Luke 17:1-10, Jesus makes it clear, in speaking about sin, forgiveness, faith and Christian duty, that a great deal depends on the attitude of our heart. We pray that He will work in our hearts the same attitude that He brought to the life He lived for our benefit and God’s glory. Listen as […]

Don’t let the door hit you on the way IN!

We like to think of the Kingdom of God as inclusive.  Jesus here describes it as exclusive to those who enter through the “narrow door.”  Faith in Him is the key.  We will explore how it can be hard for us to enter in our daily lives and priorities. We will also explore how “some […]

Making Jesus Marvel

What’s it like to make Jesus marvel?  Well, it’s to have faith in Him in the worst and hardest times, no matter what might get thrown at us. Listen to Pastor David’s message from Luke 7:1-10.  In this event with Jesus, a Gentile centurion exhibits such faith in the power of Jesus and His authority […]

God’s Reassurance When Things Are Crazy

Our interim Pastor, Rev. David Thies, was with us for the first time on Sunday. He comes from St Paul Lutheran Church and School in Rockford, IL, where he is the Senior Pastor. In his sermon, drawing from the Scripture reading in 2 Kings 6:15-18, the overall theme is “God’s Reassurance When Things Are Crazy” […]