He Dwells with Us

GOD’s plan, from the very beginning, was to dwell with His people. Listen as we unwrap his plan to be with us from Genesis through Revelation. To subscribe on iTunes to all our Sunday morning messages, visit lolchurch.net/itunes

The Church: United or Divided

In this final message of this series, Pastor Phil shares a testimony from his recent trip to the East Coast to serve those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  In this message he shares how he saw the Church, made of different denominations, working together.  In this message Pastor Phil also explores the 5-fold office […]

The Church: Visible or Invisible

Today we celebrated All Saints Sunday.  In this message Pastor Phil explores the visible and the invisible Church.  Are you living out your faith in a visible way or is it hidden?  God call us to shine the light of Jesus and to not keep his love hidden. At the beginning of this message Pastor […]

The Church: Right or Wrong

This past Sunday we celebrated Reformation Day.  The Church is made perfect in Christ and yet is still filled with the flaws of human sin.  How do we continue to be the Church even though we wrestle with the conflicts that arise from being human. Our reading for today is Romans 3:19-28. You can subscribe […]

The Church: Served or Serving

This week we begin a new message series about the Church.  We wll look at what the Church is and is not.  We will ask what it means to be a member and what is the expectation of membership.  What should you expect to receive from the Church?  What should the Church expect to receive […]