The Christmas Conundrum

The Christmas story told in Matthew 2:13-23 presents the reader with a Christmas conundrum. The story tells of the first Christian martyrs—the little boys of Bethlehem—who die for the faith. It’s often called the massacre of the innocents. Listen to this sermon and find out what this troubling part of the Christmas story means for […]

Ready Or Not, Here I Come

On that first Christmas, when Jesus was born, the world, in many ways, was not ready for His arrival. He came in unexpected fashion, the LORD of the universe as a human child, surrounded by animals and laid in a manger. Although we often try to hide from God, He came to seek us and […]

Great Joy

The angels told the shepherds, “I bring you good news of great joy that shall be for all people” (Luke 2:10). The message of Jesus Christ gives great joy that overwhelms our hearts and minds. Listen to Sunday’s message based on John 16:17-33 and hear the good news of great joy that is for you […]

Unfailing Love

Love isn’t love until you give it away. God gave the fullness of His love when He suffered and died to save the world. God raised His Son from the dead to give us eternal life and now we know that God’s love endures forever. Listen to Sunday’s message based on John 3:15-21 to hear […]

Equipped for Spiritual Warfare (Revelation 12-13)

In a few months we will be celebrating Christmas.  It is a beautiful night.  We light our candles and Christmas trees.  We sing our carols.  Yet there is a darker side to this event.  There is a part of this story which we fail to recognize.  There is a great drama unfolding.  The cast of […]