Spring Mission Connection

For the past 2 1/2 years, Lord of Life Church has been blessed with “Mission of the Month” on the first Sunday of every month. Pastors, missionaries and leaders of Christian organizations have stood before us, speaking about their passion to help God’s people and to tell them about the saving power of Jesus Christ. Check out the Mission Wall in the lobby to see all 27 missions that we support at Lord of Life.

In January 2010, we will begin a new mission connection. From now until April, we will highlight the Children of Faith Orphanage in India. By involving individual members, as well as small groups/Bible Studies, we hope that all of us at Lord of Life will become well aware of the work and needs of Children of Faith and significantly bless them with our prayers and gifts.

Here are a few facts about COFM: 105 children, age 3-15 – All attend a private school – Entrance fee is $100 for each child – $600/month tuition for all 105 kids – 90 min. of homework every day for each child – All ride the bus 9 miles to school – 65 children do not have sponsors – 8 caretakers. Anand’s brother, Suresch, and his wife, Zion, are the houseparents. – 315 meals prepared each day – Favorite meal is rice with curry. – Lunch is taken to school. Yes, it is rice. – 99 pounds of rice is cooked each day. – All kids sit on the floor to eat. – All kids eat with their hands.