Sleeping Coconuts

John and Bonnie Nystrom work as Bible Translation in Papua New Guinea. In 1998 a deadly Tsunami totally destroyed the village of Arop, where the Nystroms served, and caused massive loss of life. They have written a book about their story called Sleeping Coconuts.  It is the story of their struggle and survival after this terrible event.

John and Bonnie have long been mission partners with Lord of Life and were our special guests this past Sunday.  This recording is the audio of what they shared.

Even in the midst of tragedy, God will bring blessing. The flood may come and seem to overwhelm. We feel as if we are to drown and there is no hope. We may experience pain and loss. It hurts. But if we are willing to see, God can open up doors we never dreamed possible.

This is what there story is all about. We have our plans. We have our thoughts about what is possible. But then God has his plans and his ways which are higher than our ways. It is a story which I am sure will inspire.

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