Prayer Vigil for Haiti

From December 28, 2016 to January 5, 2017, the Lord of Life congregation members will be praying for Haiti. Our mission partners Bon Repos Orphanage and International Foundation For Orphans missionaries are in Haiti amidst the violence and political unrest. Please pray for the following Colossians 1:9-14

  1. The baptism of the members of a church to proceed. We do not want Satan to prevent this from happening. These are the people who had previously practiced Voodoo and are now accepting Christ as their Savior.
  2. Distribution of Creole bibles for the new members being baptized.
  3. Completion of the construction of the church. This would encourage more members to attend, and in turn, accept Christ.
  4. Protection and safety for our mission partners and missionaries in Haiti.
  5. Protection, safety and a coming to Jesus for the people of Haiti.
  6. Peace for Haiti.

May God Bless you for interceding for our neighbors in Haiti.

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