Pastor Mesidor Safe

Great news!  We learned by email earlier today that Pastor Mesidor Ernst and the children of his orphanage are safe.  Praise the Lord.  Here is a copy of the note we received from him:

we are safe and all kids too, God is so good, just we need help all products become very expensive and we cannot stay in the capital of Haiti, no food no water we sleep outside because everytime the earth quake do it again again and again the situation become bad everyday we should go to the countryside where it’s safe the oxigen isn’t good i mean for children health we need money urgently to buy gazoline for truck, to buy food, water i mean every urgent need . . . The situation is terrible every people the capital go to the mountain right now. Thank you in advance, pray for us and for people from all nations come here to help us in Haiti.

May the Lord Jesus greatly bless you!
Rev. Ernst Mesidor

Here are a few clips from a video Pastor Mesidor sent us a few months back: