Mission Trip to Ghana

Lord of Life member Nick Krywarenczenko recently took a 6 week mission trip to Ghana to minister to many villages through our mission partner CWOW (Church Without Walls). He visited Osedze, Oguaa, Nkoransa and Ohua among others. In each village he had a bible story on 1) The Tall Tower, 2) A New Home, 3) The Three Visitors, 4) Isaac and Rebekah. He was also able to conduct organization/management skills along with cassava farming and making compost from local materials skills training. In Nkoransa, Nick worked through lessons and questions in making biblically wise decisions from a book by James MacDonald. “The Will of God is the Word of God.”  Nick also stated, “God definitely has blessed me with cooler weather!! Praying for LoL! Kofi”


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