Mission Accomplished

IMG_8326.jpgDear Fellow Servants of the LORD, doers of the Word:

It has been my privilege to work alongside each and every one of you these past few days. Before we “close the books” on this first phase of our efforts to help those in need in Haiti, I wanted to take a minute to capture the essence of what it was like these past 13 days.

When Pastor Phil said he went ahead and decided Lord of Life would be a drop off site for the Haiti Relief Effort, we all breathed a sigh and rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Not only did we work beyond what I expected, but you went above and beyond what I even dreamed.

Here are some amazing stories. First was the people! 102 people raised their hand to say,
“Here I am, send me. I’ll work for the needy in Haiti.” So we sent 96 of you. 18 of you worked double shifts. 25 of you worked more than two shifts. We had 9 workers from Old Second join our efforts. Other groups that filled the gaps were Mom’s, AWANA, Preschool, and the T.E.C. Homeschoolers.

SPECIAL MENTION (_only because I can’t mention all 96 of you :(_)
Special mention goes to Marty Olson who filled the most shifts at 11. Also to an Old Second customer who saw our ad and stepped up to serve one shift. (Thanks Mrs. Pierce!) A member at Holy Cross filled two double shifts on two separate days. (Thanks Terri Grommes!) Pam Byers found her niche! Her gifts are definitely in packing and organizing. She and Lisette Valenzano are quite the team! The Miller family filled several shifts in the initial startup! Thanks, Sabine Rinn for sending the donor packets to LCC. Finally, the families that helped get everything ready for Monday were exceptional! You should have seen them work! They are the Bierlein family, the Byers family, Rob & Cathy Geiger, and the Gerke family. Larry Brasfield was on the phone half the day taking care of the truck on Monday. Jared Olson and Justin Bristle ended up putting in a full day transporting the goods. Don Dunning from Ehlers in Elburn was a Godsend! He supervised the T.E.C. Homeschoolers and the skid operation in loading the truck. Great job Don! What a blessing you all have been.

Altogether we filled 179 shifts and put in a total of 358 hours.

We only had three mishaps in the 13 days of operations. One worker couldn’t serve due to car trouble. Another called from his sick bed. On Monday, the truck had a leaky radiator hose which delayed the departure by 2 hours. Other than that, everything worked out great!

Now how about those donations? Whoa! Our final count was 11,245 items. The top three items brought in were bars of soap (2,700), followed by toothbrushes (1,790), and then, toothpaste (1,660). We collected $268.06 to help cover costs incurred by Lutheran Church Charities in getting the supplies to Haiti.

The breakdown of the donor groups is as follows: 18 different churches brought 93 deliveries. 7 came from anonymous givers. 39 deliveries came from people who had no church affiliation. And 7 came from 6 different organizations. The rest came from individuals who wanted to make a difference in the world. Truly a community effort with worldwide impact.

I’m sure you have more personal stories to share. Would you be willing to reply back to this message so we can share the joy of our efforts and giving GOD glory for the great things HE has done? That would be great!

May we meet again serving the LORD together!

-Curt Berg