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Comfort Dog Ministry Chloe Bio

August 2015

Campton Hills National Night Out-My handler and care giver, Sandi took me to see all the people who wanted to learn about staying safe.

Thrivent Financial Comfort Dog Awareness Event-The fine folks at Thrivent in Geneva, IL invited the community to meet me and learn about my job as a comfort dog.

Elburn Parade-Who doesn’t love a parade! I walked with my friends from Lord of Life Church, who passed out bags of microwave popcorn and water bottles. So exciting meeting new friends and telling them about my wonderful church.

July 2015

King of Glory Church in Elgin-I accompanied my handler, Sue Kessler as she spoke with the members of this church, because they want to get a comfort dog, too.

White Oaks Assisted Living in Elgin-I enjoy getting pets and hugs and making the residents smile when they see me.

Lord of Life Vacation Bible School- A week of fun learning about Jesus. This year, the children donated all their offerings to my comfort dog ministry fund. That makes my tail wag!

Immanuel Lutheran Church in Belvidere hosted a day at the community pool for children. Many LCC K-9 comfort dog buddies were there, too. We got to wear pretty bandanas.


Mooseheart Library-Another wonderful way to spend the afternoon by listening to children read me their favorite stories.


White Oaks Assisted Living in Elgin-My handler, Erin Nelson is so sweet to take me her once a month to visit and give comfort. I love listening to their stories and tell me about their favorite dogs.

White Oaks

4th National LCC Comfort Dog Conference-Over 70 LCC K-9 Comfort dogs and their handlers attended this two day fun filled and fact filled conference.

June 2015

Camping at Rend Lake with Bob and Sandi-I enjoyed God’s creation in this wonderful camp.

Mooseheart Library-My first visit of many to hear students read some awesome stories. Shhhhh. I sometimes fall asleep when they read to me.

White Oaks Assisted Living in South Elgin- Aloha! Hawaiian night with the White Oaks residents!


Lutheran Church Charities-Elmhurst Library Invite-I joined my LCC comfort dog buddies and we all enjoyed the children reading us dog stories.

May 2015

Lazarus House-I visit the people who stay at this local shelter twice every month.

April 2015

Early Learning and Development Center in DeKalb, IL- My first visit to meet the little ones.

Lazarus House-My twice monthly visit to see my friends at Lazarus House. One man said, “This was the best part of his day, seeing me.”

St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Rochelle-I spent the day spreading comfort to the victims of a tornado, which destroyed many homes and left families very sad.

March 2015

Illinois Youth Center-I accompanied Bob and Curt who mentor two young boys at IYC twice this month.

I attended the wake and funeral for a Lord of Life member who lost her sister. I got lots of hugs that day.

Fox Valley Presbyterian Church Community Dinner-My first meet and greet at this church. The people were so friendly and the food smelled so good!

Aurora Central Catholic High School-I visited students that lost two classmates in an auto accident. Such a sad day.


Wredling Middle School-I helped students feel better, because they get stressed out about taking a test.

Lazarus House-This time, I was able to spend time with the children and they showed me their toys. Fun!

LaFox Train Station-Lord of Life inviting people at the train station for Easter services and I join them. Lots of new faces.

St Charles East High School-Students getting ready for college testing need lots of comfort.

February 2015

Final goodbyes with many of my LCC comfort dog brothers and sisters for Lori Schultz funeral. Lori was all of LCC comfort dog’s best friend.

Lazarus House-Meeting my friends at Lazarus House for the evening and providing my furry body to hug and pet.

St Charles East High School-My monthly visit to see the students whose mascot is a SAINT!

Munhall School-A new experience for Chloe, who was part of the fun at their after school enrichment program. The children enjoyed making pet friendly crafts and face painting, too.

Illinois Youth Center-Celebrating the accomplishments of these young men who attended Torch Retreat, learning about God’s love and salvation.

Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet-So very proud of these young boys who were recognized for earning badges and doing good works.

Wredling Middle School-I listened to some fabulous stories read to me by Mrs. Leppin’s Read 180 class.

Lazarus House- I was glad to visit both the men’s and women’s house twice this month. Double fun!

January 2015

Wredling Middle School -Chloe started the year off visiting old and new friends at Wredling Middle School. Two visits at Wredling.

Greenfields Retirement-Diane Brasfield took Chloe to visit Ruth, a friend of Lord of Life.

St. Charles East High School-Chloe made two visits and attended her first social skills class, where she not only learned new skills, but made some new friends.

Lord of Life Ladies Bible Study-Chloe enjoyed salad dinner and devotions with the women.

Huntley Middle School-Chloe’s first visit to Huntley Middle School to comfort children who experienced a crisis.

Hosanna Lutheran Church-Chloe was one of the service dogs highlighted that evening during a children’s presentation.

Chloe attended a wake and provided comfort for a Lord of Life member who lost her brother.

December 2014

United Airline Fantasy Flight – Chloe was invited by Lutheran Church Charities to go to the O’Hare Airport United Airlines “North Pole” airport terminal, to greet seriously ill children and their families.  Chloe spent time with several families bringing smiles and providing comfort.

Sitting with Santa

United Airlines invited Chloe and other comfort dogs to the United airport terminals the week before Christmas to help stressful passengers make travel a bit easier.  Chloe spent time by TSA checkpoints and by the gates meeting hundreds of people who were glad to see her.  One family was happy their flight was delayed, so they could spend more time with Chloe.

Walking in Concourse

IYC Christmas Cottage Visit – Chloe visited the boys at Illinois Youth Center along with 100 adults to bring the love of Jesus to these young men.  The group sang songs, told the Christmas story, talked and prayed with the boys, and gave a bag of cookies to each boy.  They asked many questions about Chloe and experienced the peace she brings.

November 2014

Bickford Retirement Home – Chloe continues to visit and bring smiles to both residents and staff.

Visiting Bickford Retirement Center

Lazarus House Homeless Shelter is a frequent stop for Chloe and she loves getting pets from the men, women and children who live there.

Wredling Middle School – Chloe visited Mrs. Leppin’s reading class and students love reading to Chloe.  They are more relaxed and not worried about making mistakes as they read to her.

Washington, IL Revisit – Chloe came back to see her friends in Washington, IL amazed to see how the town had been rebuilt and how happy the people were in their new homes and excited to see her.

Norton Creek School – First visit to the Life Skills elementary school classroom.  Many young students smiled as they petted Chloe for the first time.

Girl Scout Troop at Wasco School – Chloe helped the scouts understand pet care and as they helped groom Chloe.  They earned another badge for their sash.

Lord of Life “So That Event” – Chloe enjoyed an evening with the women of Lord of Life as they celebrated their love for God and God’s love for them.

October 2014

Lord of Life Awana Night – Chloe meets with the children as they learn about Jesus, play games, read the Bible and memorize verses.

Trinity Lutheran Church in Genoa Congregation Meeting – Trinity church held a congregational meeting to learn about the comfort dog ministry.  Chloe and two handlers presented information and answered questions about Lord of Life’s comfort dog ministry.  Trinity Genoa’s congregation voted to start the application and fundraising process to get their own comfort dog. Yeah!

Lord of Life Preschool Spaghetti Dinner – Chloe was able to spend time with the many families who attend our preschool.

Torch Presentation – Chloe was able to celebrate with the Illinois Youth Center boys who completed torch retreat weekend at IYC.

Parent Grief Presentation at Wredling – Several local counselors spoke to interested parents about processing grief and loss.  Chloe was introduced and participants heard about her calming effect, her experiences at funerals providing peace and comfort to the loved ones left behind.

September 2014

St. Charles East High School – Chloe’s first visit to St. Charles East High School.  Sandi and Chloe met with the principals and counselors, as they were interested in the ways Chloe can help their students who need comfort.

Stades Farm Visit – Chloe enjoyed attending an outdoor worship service on the beautiful Stade’s Farm property with the people in this community.

TLC Walk – Elgin, IL – Chloe walked with many supporters as they raised money for the Life Center.

Boots & Hooves, Equine Veteran’s Ministry – Chloe was honored to meet again with the  as they gathered together for dinner and fellowship.

August 2014

3rd Comfort Dog Conference at Harper College – Two busy and full days of valuable information and training.  LCC Comfort dogs and their handlers come from all over the United States to attend and fellowship with one another.  Lots of furry fun, too.

National Night Out in Campton Hills – Meeting the residents of Campton Hills while they celebrate learning about safety in their town.

National Night Out

Greenfields Retirement Home – Chloe visited Greenfields for the very first time and she hopes to be able to go there on a monthly basis.

Elburn Days Parade – Lord of Life church members and Chloe walked in the parade.  Chloe heard her name being called from the people watching the parade, as she has made many friends in the community.

Elburn Parade

LERT Spiritual Care Presentation – Chloe and several handlers attended and Lutheran Church Charities spiritual care presentation, which helped the handlers address grief and stress in people they meet while visiting with Chloe.

Hearts of Hope Meeting – Chloe attended her second meeting of parents whose adult children have drug addictions and provided comfort to them as they told their families stories.

Boots & Hooves – Chloe met with veterans while they were enjoying dinner presentation as a part of Equine Veteran’s Ministry.  What an honor to comfort these veterans who have served our country so proudly.

July 2014

Rend Lake Camping – Chloe went camping to Southern Illinois with Bob and Sandi.  One Sunday, they attended an outdoor church service.

Hearts of Hope – Chloe attend her first meeting with the parents whose adult children suffer with drug addictions.  Many adults hugged Chloe as they spoke about their difficulties.

Lord of Life’s Vacation Bible School – Chloe was a calming and familiar face to children of Lord of Life, who attended a fun filled week.

Mades Johnstone School Visit – Chloe brought many smiles and screams of delight when she visited with these physically and mentally challenged children.

First Baptist Children’s Camp – Chloe calms fears as the children are ready to say good bye to parents for a week long camp adventure away from home.

June 2014

Wredling Middle School – Chloe brings smiles to the students, teachers and staff of Wredling every time she enters the office area.  One boy who had a stomach ache got better after petting Chloe for 10 minutes and exclaimed “Chloe is a miracle dog.”

Bickford Retirement Center – Chloe’s monthly visit to her friends who love to see and pet her.

LWML article about LCC K9 Comfort Dogs is published and Chloe’s handlers are quoted along with a picture of Chloe doing a rise command.

First Methodist Retirement Group – Sandi, Bob and Chloe went to Pontiac, IL and presented information about comfort dogs.

IYC Visit – Chloe returned with Bob as he mentored the boys housed at IYC.

Campton Hills Safety Fair – Campton Hills residents, police, fire and outside agencies held a safety fair to inform the community about staying safe.  Chloe and three other comfort dogs attended to provide smiles and pets to the children and parents.

Conley Children’s Grief Camp – Chloe attended the day camp for children who recently lost a loved one.  Many children hugged her and were comforted by her.

Boots and Hooves Chloe met with veterans while they were enjoying dinner and a presentation.  She brought many smiles to these soldiers.

Lois and Floyd Linder Home Visit – Chloe visited the home of Lord of Life members to give comfort to this family.

May 2014

Wasco Nursery – Chloe met Lord of Life church member Cheryl Monzingo, who helped Sandi pick out flowers.

St. John Elgin Grief Support – Chloe comforted people as they spoke about their sorrows and losses.

IYC Visit and Torch Reunion – Chloe was present to encourage the young men to open their hearts to God’s calling.

Good Shepherd Meet and Greet – Chloe visited the Sunday School classes where many children were able to pet Chloe, take pictures with her and collect her business cards.

Cami’s Birthday Party at Dreams Dance – Chloe was personally invited to visit with the young girls who attend Cami’s birthday party.  Cami has a rare genetic disorder.  After a visit, Cami who had not slept in days, fell asleep.

Birthday Party

Buttonman Printing Open House – Chloe visited Jake Martens newly opened printing business Buttonman Printing in downtown St. Charles, IL.  Jake provides exceptional service to everyone and prints Chloe’s greeting cards.

Buttonman Grand Opening

Lazarus House Homeless Shelter – Chloe visits the shelter monthly with handlers, Diane and Leslie.  Comments from the residents include “I have looked forward to this all day.

April 2014

Celebration of the Passing of the Leash – The Lord of Life congregation celebrates the second anniversary of Lutheran Church Charities Chloe’s leash to the church.  Chloe continues to spread the mercy, compassion, love, presence and proclamation of God to people near and far.

Christina and Alex Durrant Baby Shower – Chloe attends her first baby shower and celebrates the upcoming arrival of Christina, Lord of Life Director of Worship, and Alex’s twin girls.  Lots of pink was apparent that afternoon.

Bickford Retirement Home – Chloe visits monthly, seeing old friends and making new friends, bringing smiles into every room she goes.

Tri Cities Educational Open House

LWML Rally – Chloe attended a Lutheran Women’s Mission League Rally.

A well-deserved camping trip in Indiana with Bob and Sandi Kessler

March 2014

Boots and Hooves Dinner – Chloe attended her first dinner to support the veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Chloe provided comfort and brought many smiles to the vets faces as she greeted them.

Interviewed by Beth Foreman from LWML Magazine for an upcoming article on the roles of Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dogs.

Chloe attends Thursday night Women’s Bible Study, with caregiver Sandi.  The women love Chloe’s calm demeanor and presence.

February 2014

Chloe went to the home of Beth Vanco, after Sandi received a personal invite from Beth’s mother and sister.  They met while shopping at Farm and Fleet.  Chloe did a lap command on the person, so to make it easy for that person to pet Chloe.

Hales Corner Lutheran School – Sandi traveled to Wisconsin with Chloe to visit the children.

January 2014

Chloe visits the students of Wredling Middle School.  The teachers also receive comfort and look forward to seeing Chloe.

Chloe with boy in wheelchair

November 2013

First visit to Washington, Illinois after F4 tornado – Chloe traveled to Washington, IL with handler, Diane Roloff to give comfort to the town that was demolished by a powerful F4 tornado.  The people of this town received Chloe’s comfort and experienced her calm demeanor and gentle disposition.

Marianjoy Rehab Center and Lexington Rehab Hospital – Chloe and handler, Sandi encouraged patients to try harder as they worked on their exercises.

Meagan Seals Birthday Party – Chloe frequently visits Meagan and was there to celebrate another birthday with Miracle Meagan.

Pastor Matt’s Welcome Celebration.  Chloe celebrated with the congregation as we welcomed Pastor Matt and his wonderful family to serve as our shepherd.

Pastor Matt Welcome 11-10-13

October 2013

Girl Scout Group – Chloe helped this group of girls work on getting a new pet care badge.

Chloe enjoyed Lake Shabbona camping with Sandi and Bob.

Chloe Camping

Ms. Kim’s Class at Wredling Middle School – Ms. Kim’s class completed all their goals and the students were able to spend time with Chloe for their accomplishments.  The students asked many questions and learned about Chloe and how she is used to comfort others.

Live Out Loud Suicide Prevention Fashion Show – Handler Bob Guetthoff walked the runway with Chloe to help raise money for this benefit.  Lookin’ good for a great cause!

September 2013

2nd Annual Lord of Life Community Dog Festival – We had so much fun at the first dog festival that we invited the community back for another round of contests, fundraising walk and winning prizes.

Lord of Life Church Picnic – YUMMY food and fun with Chloe’s wonderful church family.

Trinity Lutheran Rally Day – Chloe visited a local congregation to kick off their church celebration.

Chloe goes camping in Indiana with Bob and Sandi.  She visited many tourist attractions and met many people along the way.

Stades Farm Visit – Chloe and handler, Diane attended an outdoor worship service on this beautiful farm along with other comfort dogs.

August 2013

Chloe reunites with other LCC comfort dogs while attending the 2nd Annual Dog Conference.  This Lutheran Church Charities Conference is a two day event and attended by over 40 LCC comfort dogs and their handlers.

Campton Hills Community Night Out – Meeting the residents of Campton Hills while they celebrate learning about safety in their town.

Chloe provides comfort to handler, Leslie DiFigilio and her family during her father’s wake.

July 2013

Chloe visits Trinity Lutheran in Genoa, IL for the first time where she helps present information about the comfort dog ministry.

Chloe attends Lord of Life’s VBS every week night and the kids who attend learn about Chloe and the comfort dog ministry.

LOL VBS 2014

June 2013

Chloe visits the incarnated boys at Illinois Youth Center and is a part of a dog anti-cruelty presentation.  They learn about Chloe giving comfort to hurting people.  These boys have never heard of a comfort dog and usually see fighting or guard dogs.

IYC Sign

May 2013
Chloe greeted children at Grace Lutheran Church.

Chloe goes on vacation and camps at Giant City State Park, Southern Illinois.

April 2013

Chloe’s first camping trip with her caregivers, Sandi and Bob was to the Mississippi Palisades State Park.  She has enjoyed all the wonders of the outdoors and enjoyed watching the wildlife, especially the squirrels.

Chloe helped at a community event at the Garfield Cemetery Clean Up Day.

Chloe greeted Lord of Life’s first pastor, Scott Rische, who came back to attend an open house in his honor.  It was a privilege to meet Pastor Rische and his wife.

Lord of Life Easter Eggstranganza – After the children searched for eggs, Chloe was present as the gospel was explained and the true meaning of Christ revealed.

Chloe and two of her handlers presented at a local church LWML Rally.  The handlers told of their experience in Newtown and how Chloe comforted the residents.

March 2013

Marty Olson, a Lord of Life member and Bickford Retirement resident, who supported Chloe and the comfort dog ministry, went home to heaven.  Chloe comforted people at the funeral.  Chloe loved visiting with Marty while he was at Bickford, because he was a gentle and compassionate man of God.

Chloe attended the John Stewart Elementary Career Day Presentation with Pastor Phil, who told students how he visits people with Chloe and how she comforts them with her presence.

February 2013

On Feb. 10, 2013, the members of Lord of Life Church celebrated Chloe’s 2nd birthday with cake and balloons.  We gave thanks to God for Chloe and all she does to help people in need.

Chloe attended a Lutheran Church Charities event at Brookfield Zoo with other comfort dogs.  Many people collected her business card while petting Chloe’s golden fur and looking into her soft, brown eyes.

January 2013

It was determined that the Newtown community needed continued support and Chloe visited a second time. Chloe and handler Bob Guethoff went back to comfort the hurting people of Newtown.

Chloe met the congregation at Immanuel Lutheran in Batavia and shared her comfort.

December 2012

Chloe’s next deployment mission trip was to the fatal school shootings at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut.  Lord of Life sent three handlers: Sue Kessler, Diane Brasfield and Bob Guethoff, whom accompanied Lutheran Church Charities personnel to comfort the hurting people of Newtown residents.

November 2012

Chloe brings smiles to the people who visit the Elburn Food Pantry.  Not only do these people receive food they need, but they also receive comfort from Chloe.

October 2012

Chloe comforts the family at the funeral of John VanDenbossche, a Lord of Life member.

The residents of Bickford Retirement Center enjoy their first monthly visit from Chloe.  She does the “rise” command when they are unable to sit up in bed.  Many residents reminiscence and tell stories about the dogs they have owned in their lives, while they pet Chloe.  This brings many smiles to their faces as they remember the dogs they loved deeply.

Chloe’s first deployment mission trip occurred when Pastor Phil took her to visit the victims of Super Storm Sandy in New Jersey.  She comforted many families who lost their homes and belongings.

September 2012

Lord of Life Church Picnic was attended by Chloe and she was able to spend time with many children.

Chloe brought many smiles to the residents of the Elmhurst Senior Care Center on her first visit.

John & Shirley Olson welcomed Chloe to their home for a visit while John was recuperating.

Lord of Life hosted the first Dog Festival to the people in our community.  Many residents attended and their dogs participate in contests and a fundraising walk, received prizes.  There was a lot of barking and laughter and tails were wagging, too.

Chloe attended a Kids Safety Event.  She helped children learn the correct way to approach all dogs safely.

August 2012
Chloe attended the 1st Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dog Conference.  Approximately 20 sets of dogs and handlers were present to network, gain knowledge and fellowship.  This time together was invaluable, as the handlers and dogs bonded together.

Chloe enjoys meeting new friends and greeted residents at the South Elgin Riverfest.

Chloe walked in her first Elburn Days Parade with members of Lord of Life church.  She greeted many people along the sidewalk and her handlers passed out candy and her business cards.
Chloe visits Living Well Cancer Resource Center in Geneva, IL and gives comfort to the caregivers at “The Caregivers Resource Day”.

July 2012

Chloe was present at the funeral of Lord of Life member, Del Laughridge, who will be missed so much.  Chloe’s presence provided comfort to Del’s family, friends and members of Lord of Life in attendance.

Del Laughridge Wake Funeral

Chloe goes into the community and enjoys meeting residents at the weekly “St. Charles Concert in the Parks”.

Chloe visits Meagan Seals, Miracle Baby at home.  Chloe lays very still, often for over an hour, while Meagan naps on her.

Meagan Sleeping on Chloe

June 2012

Chloe begins serving the homeless at Lazarus House in St. Charles, IL on a bi-monthly basis.

Pastor Phil brings Chloe to Bible Study at Papa G’s Restaurant.  The waitresses and staff at Papa’s G’s love to see her.

Chloe attends Thursday night Women’s Bible Study.

April 29, 2012

Passing of the Leash Ceremony at Lord of Life Church-Lord of Life Church receives Chloe from Tim Hetzner, President of Lutheran Church Charities.  Lord of Life celebrates the beginning of this exciting opportunity to spread the mercy, compassion and proclamation of our Lord and Savior in our community and wherever God leads us.

Chloe greets the children of Lord of Life Preschool on a weekly basis.

Chloe first local community visit was at Wredling Middle School, which experienced the sudden loss of a 7th grade girl.  Chloe and several LCC dogs give comfort to her fellow students.  Many students collected the dog’s business cards, as they spend time with each dog.  Sad faces were turned to smiles as they petted these calm dogs.

Comforting students at Wredling


February 10, 2011

Chloe was born.