[May 31 2016] Ghana Mission Trip Update


This is to give you an update of C-WOW and especially of recent happenings. Nick arrived safely in Ghana and was received at the Kotoka International Airport on 31 May. He stayed with us in Accra and had discussion over the schedule for the period.


The next day we were at work. We travelled to Accra to get the necessary supplies for the training. We purchased writing books, pens, writing board and markers for the participants. We were able to get two sets of football jerseys and sent them to the press for numbering and embossment of C-WOW logo on the shirts.


Unfortunately, we could not get the motorbike for the price we had estimated. I gave inaccurate estimation of the cost of one motorbike. Four years ago price of motorbike was what I had in mind. The amount of $500 has doubled over the years. Poor us! (The $500 was donated since receiving this update and the bike is purchased) We left Accra quite disappointed with the turn of event but the ministry has to proceed.  We’re praying and planning the way forward.

Funeral Service

Nick had the opportunity to witness the funeral service of a colleague pastor in Cape Coast. It was quite an experience for Nick as he got to meet so many people.

Gomoa Nkronsa

We arrived in Gomoa Nkronsa and started work straight away. The first day picked up slowly in the morning of the Literacy class in Gomoa Nkronsa. As you may see from the pictures, we had the first day at the Guest House as the class rooms were being used by the school. We had a good start with 20 participants from Nkronsa in the morning.

The afternoon brought together about 40 players. Nick took the players through God’s word and prayer before the commencement of the training. The people are excited about American Football trainer, first of its kind in the football history of Ghana as a nation, and for Gomoa Nkronsa in the village it’s thrilling as more players troupe in as word went around of a football coach from USA.

Soccer is one means of bringing together young people and an opportunity to share God’s word with them. We are glad that some of the players are of Muslim background but are getting involved in the study of the gospel. It’s our prayer and hope that many of those players would come to faith in Christ Jesus through this sporting activity.


We’ve estimated reaching 150 young people through sports across six different villages where C-WOW has opened branches. We’re using the time of Nick here in Ghana to reach about 250.

Borehole (Clean Water)

Meanwhile, the chief, elders and people of Gomoa Kumasi have expressed their profound thanks and appreciation for the provision of clean water. The chief in particular, was full of admiration for the gift. According to him, about 5 different attempts were made to provide clean water for his people but all the boreholes dug did not provide any water let alone a clean one as that. He feels proud for being a member of C-WOW himself and wants to see most of his people come to faith in Christ Jesus through the ministry and activities of C-WOW in the whole of Gomoa land.


We cannot thank Lord of Life enough for the financial and prayer support. So far Nick is doing so well in Gomoa Nkronsa. He has 5 more villages to train and we ask that you continue to pray for Nick and the people that he is training in all different aspects of his ministry here in Ghana.

To God be the glory!


Humbly submitted by


John S. Donkoh