How God Answers Prayer

In Psalm 143:6 it says, “I lift my hands to you in prayer . . .” It is a picture that is very different of the one many think about when they think about prayer. Most people think about the posture of prayer being one of head bowed down and hands folded. This is an appropriate posture when we come before God in sorrow and in repentance. Psalm 95:6 says, “Come let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before the Lord our maker, for he is our God.”

But there is another Biblical posture of prayer that is often neglected. It is the posture of lifting our hands and looking up to him. It is posture that seeks God for provision. It is the posture of waiting to receive. When I pray with people for healing I will often tell them to look up. By looking down we are looking within, but when looking up we are looking to Him! By looking up, with our hands out, we are raising expectation and anticipation. We are being prepared to receive good things from him. Our God is a God who eagerly desires to bless his children (see Matthew 7:9-11)

Lifting hands also implies action and helping out. God has a mission of healing and of hope in this world. One of the best thing about God’s mission is he uses us to accomplish it. When we pray for the poor, the sick, and the hurting around us, God is calling us to action. There is a time to go into our homes and into the quiet to pray, but there is a time to go out into the community and prayerfully serve those around us. To put it plainly – do something! And a great way to do this is by participating in Lord of Life’s Ready To Go Summer of Service effort.

Occasionally, I will have someone ask me about the suffering in this world. They will ask “where is God in all of this?”

The answer he is right in the middle of it. Miracles are happening everyday among those who are prayerfully lifting their hands by serving and advocating for the needs of others. He has put you here to be the difference maker. The prayer where we lift our hands to action and take that step of faith to serve another is 100 times more effective than the prayer we pray in the quiet with our hands folded. The prayers that move us to action are the prayers where miracles happen.

Do you want to see God at work? Leave the quiet and comfortable space. Open your eyes. Open your heart. Lift your hands in prayerful service. See God at work helping you do his work as an advocate and champion for those in need. We pray for God’s kingdom to come. Let’s be the kingdom workers.