Holy Week Worship

Lord of Life will soon be observing Holy Week which begins on Palm Sunday.  On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem to begin the week of his Passion.  The story of the triumphal entry is recorded in Luke 19:29-38.  It is a day filled with joy.  Worshippers take palm branches and wave them in honor of our king just as the people of Jerusalem did so many years ago. Palm Sunday worship is at 8:30 and 10am on March 28.

On the evening of Palm Sunday at 5pm, Lord of Life will be hosting a Seder Dinner.  The Seder was the same meal Jesus observed on the night he was betrayed.  We might normally do this on Maundy Thursday, but for time consideration, it is more conveniently observed by families on a Sunday night.

Maundy Thursday is a strange name.  Maundy comes from the same word we get the word mandate.  The name references Jesus words on this night when he said, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” (John 13:34)  On this night we recall the events in the Upper Room when Jesus had his ‘last supper’ with his disciples and instituted the Lord’s Supper.  Maundy Thursday worship is at 7pm on April 1.

Good Friday is a service filled with darkness and sorrow.  We recognize that Jesus died for our sins.  Yet, we also call this day “good” because we know he died to win the forgiveness of our sins.  We also call it “good” because we know that Friday is not the end of the story.  Sunday is coming!  We leave this worship in silence and sorrow.  Yet, we leave in anticipation our Savior lives and reigns.  Good Friday worship is at 7pm on April 2.