Update on the Haiti Relief Supplies

Here is the latest update from Lutheran Church Charities on the Haiti Relief Supply collection.  Keep praying for the supplies to reach those who need them the most.
  • Jan 17 thru Jan 31 – Collection Sites received donations for Haiti relief
  • Feb 1st and 2nd – Donations were picked up from the 22 Illinois Collection Sites. As full trucks arrived at the Itasca warehouse, the first shift of volunteers were there to unload, sort, box, pallet, band, and weigh the donations for shipping. 230 volunteers from 90 area congregation worked three shifts for two days and prepared 122 pallets for shipping. In total, over 43 tons of supplies will be shipped to Haiti from the Illinois area!!! Another 45 tons will be shipped from the out-of-state locations! What A Difference this will make to those in Haiti in need.
  • Feb. 4th – all but four pallets were loaded into two 53-foot semis which left late that morning for the warehouse of Cross International in South Carolina.
  • Early the morning of Feb. 5th – the two semis arrived in South Carolina at Cross International and were unloaded then loaded into shipping containers.
  • Feb 13th – three more semis left Chicago for South Carolina with soup powder, baby ointment, rice milk and the final four pallets of food items from our warehouse. We also have a truck being sent up to South Carolina from New Orleans containing Creole beans and rice, and an additional 250 pallets (20,500 cases) of bottled water being sent by rail from California.
  • The week of March 1st – in Rochester, NY the next containers bound for Haiti will be packed and picked up by Orphan Grain Train and shipped to Haiti.
  • March 11th – LCC President Tim Hetzner and 14 other LCC volunteers from various congregation will fly down to Haiti. The team is made up of medical personnel who will serve in a medical clinic, and other volunteers who will operate a eyeglass clinic in conjunction with the medical clinic. Later that week the team members will conduct a VBS for the children of Jeremie. Tim and two other LCC volunteers will work with President Markey Kessa to distribute relief supplies through the Lutheran congregation in Haiti.