Haiti Earthquake Relief Supply Collection Ends

Haiti Load Truck.jpgThe Haiti Earthquake Relief Supply collection is now over. In the end we received more than 11,000 items. All the supplies were packed in a truck and taken to the Lutheran Church Charities warehouse in Itasca from where they will begin their journey to Haiti by the end of the week. There are 22 other churches throughout the Chicago area who also served as drop off sites for relief supplies. There is not doubt that all the supplies we received combined with the supplies received at the other churches will be a great blessing to many people in Haiti.

There are so many thank you’s to go out, but the biggest thank you most certainly goes to the Lord. With him all things are possible. We thank the many schools, businesses, churches, and individuals who contributed supplies. We thank the many individuals who volunteered their time to receive and to sort the supplies. We had more than 70 volunteers sign up and many more who served, but did not sign up. None of us could have done this on our own. It was truly a community effort.

Now what we need to do is pray. Pray for the supplies to reach their destination safely. Pray there would be no delays. Pray they will be received by the people who need them most.

Here are a couple of links to check out. We posted some pics of the supplies being loaded onto the truck. Lutheran Church Charities has also posted a YouTube video of supplies being received at their warehouse.