God’s Reassurance When Things Are Crazy



Our interim Pastor, Rev. David Thies, was with us for the first time on Sunday. He comes from St Paul Lutheran Church and School in Rockford, IL, where he is the Senior Pastor.

In his sermon, drawing from the Scripture reading in 2 Kings 6:15-18, the overall theme is “God’s Reassurance When Things Are Crazy” – Elisha’s servant saw the enemies army all around. What he was missing was the Lord’s greater army that was there to protect them, even though not normally visible to the naked eye. Upon Elisha’s prayer, the scared servant’s eyes were open to see all the Lord’s forces there to overcome what threatened them. They were delivered from the chaos.

Secondly, this Sunday is known as Pentecost, the time when the Holy Spirit showed itself in a way normally not seen so that those who had been bumbling in their discipleship became vital spokesmen for Christ and the Gospel.

For us this teaches that there is more than meets the eyes when we are scared and anxious. The Lord and His forces are there to deliver us. He can open our eyes through faith to a confidence in Him, even in the worst of times. He can use us as once bumbling disciples to be His instruments to make the world more His and people around it to realize that He is there for them too.

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