Fifth week in Ghana

Fifth Week of literacy class and skill development at New C-WOW center at Ogua

Positive Problem!!!

When we got to one of the new C-WOW centers at Gomoa Ogua, it was overwhelming! We had underestimated the resources for the literacy class and the materials (beads) for the skill development. Each station in the previous weeks had presented between 30 and 50 attendees. So we went to Ogua with resources just enough for the week.

Lo and behold, the number of new members had shot to over 70 and more were still on the way coming. We pleaded with the local leaders to bear with us as we could not serve everyone with writing materials and the necessary items for the training of shoe making.

However, literacy class had to commence with several of the members present not having writing materials. Our understanding later was that, two villages were combined for the day since originally the other village Gomoa Odina was not considered in our plans. We could not stop them from joining in the excitement. Now we have to provide for over 150 participants in these two villages. People are flocking in their numbers to hear the message of hope in Christ. We still have one more new village (Gomoa Mampong) to reach next week. This presents a positive problem! It means C-WOW and Nick need a little bit more of resources to meet the unexpected additional cost.

Nick has had few falls from the motorbike with some bruises but still strong and excited to carry on with this unique ministry in Gomoa area. Please continue to pray for Nick, C-WOW members and myself. I’ve had fatigue issues with several travels back and forth with so much demand from several villages. It probably looks like we’ve ‘bitten more than we can chew’ but we trust in the sustaining power of our Savior Jesus Christ to see us through to the very end.

On this coming Friday, it would be the turn of the newly established C-WOW center in Ogua and Odina to be officially accepted to join the Christ-centered family of Church Without Walls. Preparations are ongoing, excitement is building and the people are enthusiastic. We pray for good weather and safe travel for most of the C-WOW members from all the other villages to Ogua to join in the official inauguration of these new centers.

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