Dare 2 Share


Dare2Share Message

Brian Zielke, Lord of Life’s Director of Christian Education, shares today’s message which challenges us to “Dare to Share.” It is Transfiguration Sunday. On this day we remember how Jesus took his disciples to the Mount of Transfiguration where he gloriously appeared before them in all his splendor. The Apostle John recounts that experience in 1 John 1:1–5. It was a truly wonderful experience. In these verses he tells us that his desire is to share what he has seen and heard.

We have that same challenge to share what we have seen and heard about Jesus. But we so often fail to give witness to our faith. In this message, Brian shares some of the challenges we have in sharing our faith and how we might overcome some of those challenges. In this message you will be equipped to do what Jesus has called us all as believers to do.

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