Take the Scroll (Revelation 8-10)

The Seven Trumpets of Revelation 8-9 usher in plagues that are both natural and demonic.  There is great suffering that ensues.  But God places a seal upon his people and gives them a scroll.  In the midst of the plagues the scroll is both comforting and troubling.  The scroll is God’s calling on our lives. […]

Purity and Integrity in Times of Trial (Revelation 6-7)

The Four Horsemen of Revalation are on iconic image.  But there are four horses you don’t want to meet.  The represent the terrible suffering that is inflicted upon this world.  We see wars and rumors of wars.  There are natural disasters and diseases.  All these things hit close to home at one time or another. […]

Worship that is Worthy (Revelation 4)

We have completed the 7 Letters to the 7 Churches in Revelation 2-3. Now we find what must come next. In Revelation 4, Jesus gives John a picture of the throne room in heaven.  Here John sees a glimpse of the heavenly worship.  It is a reminder that Jesus has won the victory.  No matter […]

The Letter to the Church at Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-22)

“You are neither hot nor cold.  You are lukewarm.”  These are condemning words spoken by the Jesus towards the Church at Laodicea.  They had grown apathetic and content in their faith.  They were going through the motions.  They did not experience the power of God in their daily lives nor did they serve him.  They […]

The Letter to the Church at Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13)

The Letter to the Church at Philadelphia is filled with encouragement. This is a small church. They are not highly regarded by the world’s standards, but they serve a mighty God. Jesus holds all authority and he has opened up a door of opportunity. This does not mean that it is easy to walk through […]