2017 Lord of Life Mission Partners

Here is the list of our mission partners for 2017! The mission partner, missionary or director in charge of mission, Lord of Life ambassador and Lord of Life Mission board advocate are listed for each mission partner. The ambassador is the church liaison between the congregation and the mission partner and is the go to person to communicate the needs of the mission to the congregation. The advocate is the Mission Board member that oversees our work with the mission partner. Please contact the ambassador or advocate for any of the mission partners that you would like more information about how you can help. Also, please note we have some openings for ambassador. Please contact anyone from the Mission Board if God is calling you fill this position or if you want more information.

2017 Lord of Life Church Mission Partners                      1/14/2017


Mission             Missionary         Ambassador           Board Advocate

Awana             Local Chapter                Rob Linke                   Sue Kessler

Lord of Life Church, Elburn, IL

Beautiful U       Bill & Liz Hough        Amy Blackford         Robin Mathieu

Elburn, IL

Chloe Comfort Dog    Sue Kessler        Diane Roloff              Nancy Gatfield

Lord of Life Church, Elburn, IL

L.E.R.T.              Larry Zagorski                Bill Alar                          Rob Geiger

Lord of Life Church, Elburn, IL                                                                            

H.E.L.P.S.           Angelo Valdes               Gene Walker                 Daina Dorband

Valley View, St. Charles, IL

Mission Possible  Gary & Linda Baer         Mary Owen                Nancy Gatfield

Aurora, IL

TLC Pregnancy Services   Vivian Maly          TBD                        Robin Mathieu

Elgin & Schaumburg, IL

Corbella Clinic             Jeanna Pesideri             TBD                     Daina Dorband

(formerly Fox Valley Pregnancy Center)  Elgin, IL


Awana                     Ken Krup                       Rob Linke                      Sue Kessler

Streamwood, IL

C24/7 Father’s Arms*  James Crockett     Curt Berg          Nick Krywaruczenko

Chicago, IL

Lutheran Church Charities Tim Hetzner     Larry Zagorski     Daina Dorband

Northbrook, IL

Refuge for Women*

McHenry, IL      Karen Schultz           Chris Christopher           Robin Mathieu


FaithLife Ministries    Barry & Kim Voss       Janelle Ream      Cathy Geiger

Alpharetta, GA                          

World Mission Prayer League  Jake Gillard    Tim Sivesind         Sue Kessler

Minneapolis, MN


Bon Repos Orphanage     Mama Yolanda           Cole Family         Sue Kessler


Children of Faith   Anand & Rosie Thandu    Passaglia Family    Robin Mathieu


C.W.O.W.            Pastor John Donkoh            TBD                              Rob Geiger


Gilgal Gospel Mission   Christobel        Veronica                       Robin Mathieu

India                               Russeliah            Siessenbuettel

International Funding for   Kim Cole    Andrew Anderson     Nick

Orphans* (IFFO)                                                                     Krywaruczenko

Elburn, IL

New Life Missions     Pastor H.               TBD                        Cathy Geiger


 Wycliffe Bible Translators   John & Bonnie          TBD        Cathy Geiger

New Guinea                                  Nystrom

*indicates new mission partners for 2017

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